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Described as an intense man, Bamdad Sabbagh comes out of anonymity in 2015 and starts his Gary Stallman project.

Born in France from Iranian parents, he forges his own identity from a strong mix of both cultures. Studying piano since childhood, he quickly understands the impact of music on his life. He begins experimenting with computers, digging the raw feelings he is looking for.

Growing up on hip hop, he evolves radically after listening to Daft Punk and The Prodigy. His taste for powerful art forms then drowns him into the french underground scene. During his DJ sets, Gary travels with power and passion through the multitude of styles and genres from the electronic movement.

In 2016, he sets his independence by starting his own label ‘Emkan Records’ as an answer to the worrying downsides of our digital society.

Gary Stallman wildly brings sharing and understanding throughout his performances, resulting from a unique experience with machines that makes us Human...

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